Frequently Asked Questions

When can I book a Topographical Test?
You can only book your Test if you have submitted your Private Hire Application to TfL and have your DAPP ref number. For further information please contact us.

Where can I get some quality Topographical Training?
We at Raid Training Services provide Topographical Skills Training Mon-Friday, during the training we will cover the 5 modules as per TfL guidelines on the assessment. Please call 0208 888 4495 to book your training.

pdf Click here to download the TFL guidelines.

What happens if I Fail?
Please be aware, you are required to achieve 60% in order to pass your topographical skills test. If you fail your first attempt, TfL will give you the opportunity to book a second test.

What will the Topographical Test questions be like?
When you attend one of our Topographical Sessions (Training) we’ll clarify everything and go over some sample questions.

Can I book the Topographical Test on any day?
No. Only Mondays, Tuesdays & Fridays test time is 9:30am. Please remember to arrive at least 30 mins early or you will be refused entry.

How do I book a Topographical Test?
Call 0343 222 4444 and ask to book your Test with "Raid Training Services".

When do I pay for the Test?
There is no booking fee. You will pay the Test fee on your appointment day.

What time does the Topographical Test start?
9:30am. Please arrive at least 30 mins early or you will be refused entry.

Our team will help and guide you through the training and testing process.

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